Thursday, June 29, 2006

bloody traffic

It's been decided. I'm going to spend a whole day on a random street in Amman, and film the traffic.

I can't believe how people drive here. Yes, there will be people who'll say "oh but you have to see the Egyptian/Lebanese/(fill-in-the-blank-with-country-of-choice) driving, Jordan is nothing compared to them..." Well you know what? I live in Jordan, and I'm sick of the driving antics here, if you're ok with it then skip this post!

Idiots who think they'll reach their destination if they just can get in front of you in a traffic jam.... schmucks who believe that they can still make it in the second the traffic lights turn red - and of course yell their hearts out & honk their horns if you actually slow down when the lights turn orange or don't speed off the milli-second they turn green. The list of idiocity goes on and on and on and on and on. What's even more frustrating, is that it happens in front of the law. People are not even scared! Well why should they? It's not that anybody is going to stop them or give them a ticket.

It is so damn frustrating. And all this, before the town is engulfed by drivers from the Gulf -who in my (and hundreds alike's) opinion are the worst imports on four wheels a town can get.

Somebody should seriously consider filming these maniac drivers, edit the footage and either make a bloody short film about it (which is the new "cool" hype that's sweeping the country -but that's another topic) and show it in 'Mish Saheb Aflam' on JTV or just send the tape to any 'funniest home video' show so the world can laugh at us.

Laughter. That's the only solution to this. Laugh, nod your head, let the idiot that's squeezing you from the left pass, apologize to the airhead behind you who's blowing her horn like mad because you slowed her down, forgive the taxi that suddenly decides to stop in front of you in the middle of the road to drop/or get a passenger, go home, take another dose of sedatives, and jump back into your car for another exciting episode of....


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