Friday, June 23, 2006


I'm a HUGE Disney fan (I challenge anybody to find a bigger fan than moi in Jordan!) and I love all the Pixar movies too. I was literally jumping up and down when I learned that Disney bought Pixar! Merger of the greats!

"the world will be a great place now, Mr. Tea" said the Lemonades, enthusiastically. "I hope so, my Lemonades" replied Mr. Tea, "It all lies in the hands -or should I say wheels- of their Cars now" he added.

No other Disney/Pixar movie got more mixed reviews, but I wonder, are the negative reviews for the actual movie? Or are those people just bitter that Disney now has a great chance to get back on top of the animation game, now that they own Pixar, who everybody admits to be the greatest animation studio of the past few decades?

I love to read reviews, even if they're negative. They never put me off a movie, on the contrary, they entice me to watch the film even more! 'Cars' of course, was no different. In fact being a D&P movie, I was going to watch it anyway, but the reviews made me more looking forward to seeing it.

So now that I've watched it, what do I think? Well the thing I'm most happy about is that it's like nothing I expected! I knew it would be a good & entertaining story, and I knew that it would have amazing visuals and animation (and BOY DOES IT! In one word: breathtaking!) but I was not sure that I personally would like it. See I'm not a big fan of cars, and however cute the 'Cars' characters looked in the posters, I was still skeptical that I would find it not very engaging or fun. And the movie (thankfully) proved me wrong.

'Cars' doesn't have a real story -I won't go into the plot, as the synopsis of the movie is all over the net- and by real story I mean a big plot with villains and heroes, save-the-day kind of story. It's no Nemo or Incredibles either, no edge-of-your-seat moments, no laugh-out-loud moments, no "the most amazing movie/animation I've seen" feeling.

But what it has -and truly separates it from the rest- is HEART. Imagine sitting in the sun (a very warm sun, that's not too bright, just perfect), sipping a honey sweetened lemon ice-tea, a soft cool breeze sweeping through your hair, and watching a beautiful calming scenery (swimming pool, meadows, the beach.... anything you like), and you have that nice happy warm feeling inside. That's what I felt like after watching 'Cars'!

Call me cheesy or sappy, but this is one of those rare movies where you end up genuinely loving all the characters and wishing that each was given more screen time! This is one Disney movie that I would love to see a sequel for, or maybe just an extended 'director's cut' version.

It also has a nice message in it (albeit not very original and some might argue, over used) about simple rural life versus hectic city life. I just wish that they worked on the plot a bit more, gave it depth or a true message, 'Cars' truly lacks in that department. It's probably the first Pixar movie in which I felt like the story was a draft and not a final perfected one... it just wasn't very satisfying.

All in all, it is a lovely movie, even if it will not break any records, or become a classic (like the Lion King or even the Incredibles), it will not disappoint as long as we don't compare it to other movies and try to appreciate it for what it is and not for who it's done by or what the figures and reviews say about it.

Now that 'Cars' is here, everybody's waiting for the next Disney/Pixar production: 'Ratatouille'! The teaser trailer debuted with 'Cars' and it looks like they've got another winner on their hands! Check out the trailer here!

Also Disney's solo 3D effort, coming this Winter, 'Meet the Robinsons'.


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