Sunday, June 25, 2006


We discussed this today, and I totally believe that they should shut DownTown to cars. They should invest in a HUUUUUGE parking lot right before Al Balad, and then get special busses to keep going round and round for a small fee. Let's break it down:

1. No more parking tickets to those who own cars.
2. No more driving round and round to find a place to park, and even once you do find a place you're faced with a parking ticket, so see No. 1 above.
3. Everybody can afford to use buses
4. It's time we learn to use them since apparently we're all "too high and mighty to use public transport".
5. Help the environment by using our cars a bit less.
"but busses pollute the air even more in Amman, my Lemonades!" exclaimed Mr. Tea.
6. Would be great for tourists to see DownTown in a tour-bus format.
7. Same thing goes for locals who've never set foot there!

1. Will never happen.
2. Nobody would fund such a project.
3. People will starve if nobody will get a parking ticket DownTown!! (ha ha)
4. Bus drivers will have to learn how to drive busses if there'll be tourists (who can sue) on board! (maybe this should be a Pro?!?)
5. Will NEVER happen.

oh well :p

"Is it buSes or buSSes, Mr. Tea?" wondered the Lemonades. "My dear Lemonades, this is one of the many wonders of the English language, both spellings are correct, and that's why I decided to use both to be fair." replied Mr. Tea, to the Lemonades apparent approval.


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