Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Lunch with us, Mr. Tea?" asked the Faithful Flowerers. "Why yes of course my lovely Ladies, I'm honored you asked" he replied politely, "but what about my Lemonades? Can they come as well?". "You are one, and one you are. One can't come without the other, we assure you, Me. Tea, so there's no need to ask." added the FFs...

I teach Graphic Design and New Media at the University of Jordan, one of my best students happens to be a well-known star in the Jordanian BlogSociety, Roba Al-Assi. We discussed this blog today, and I fear that she's going to visit this space any time soon. We discussed many a good topic today at lunch with her fellow faithful students, and many would be good blog topics. But alas I had soo much Italian food that I can't remember any until I digested the delicious evils!

But I did decide that I'll take advantage of this space to spread some of my design knowledge. There are a lot of amateur designers out there who might benefit from my comments, and I know that some of my kiddies at Uni have forgotten most, so it'll be a reminder to them!

"pass the Tiramisu" said Mr. Tea, obviously four plates-full weren't enough!


At 6/25/2006 8:12 PM, Blogger Roba said...

The Italian food was really good. Man.. so filling!
And design tips sounds pretty cool.


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