Friday, June 23, 2006

So, first post... What to say? What's the purpose of this whole thing? Why am I even bothering to create a blog in the first place?

Do I feel old and seeing kids using blogs instead of old fashioned diaries and sharing their thoughts with the world is making me feel even older? I don't think I'm old, but I am finding it difficult to keep up with the speedy advances of technology; I don't know what to follow or learn or get into - and I'm not really liking that. Have these kids motivated me to start my own online journal? Time will tell if this is just a phase or if I'll actually end up using this blog for real.

Let's just hope this won't end up like the hundreds of blogs out there trying to sound clever and original!

"Good luck Mr. Tea in your Adventures!", cheered the Lemonades.


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