Sunday, July 02, 2006

Animation Workshop

So tomorrow I start a 2 week animation workshop, and I'm very excited! [not sure if I'll be able to sleep properly tonight!]

I've heard that we'll be doing some film etching, and oil painting alongside digital stuff, and each person will end up doing a short (maybe a few seconds long) which will be screened at the end, so I'll post my achievements here!

Why am I so excited? well I LOVE animation, Walt Disney is my hero and idol -whatever is written about him, the main fact is that he created an empire by having the guts and risking everything to realize his dream...

Why haven't I ventured into animation before? Well, because I love it so much, I've always been scared to get into it, fearing that if I screw things up, I'll end up hating animation -and that was a risk I never wanted to take.

So what's changed my mind? well, my Wonderland-buddy, Mervat works at the Royal Film Commission ( who are organizing the workshop -and I trust her blindly with my life- so we kind of encouraged each other to take this workshop, and especially now since I don't have an office job, it's the perfect timing to finally get down and dirty with animation.

I understand it's just a beginners workshop, but I'm hoping that instead of ending up drifting away from animation, I'll be even more motivated to better my skills and end up doing a small project of my own in the future (I have been developing a script and finished initial character design and basic storyboards).

Well wish me luck (even though it's only me who writes & reads the stuff here!), and I'll keep you posted with whatever happens my Lemonades, and you too Mr. Tea!


At 7/07/2006 2:18 PM, Blogger roubish said...

So I just wanted to wish you a great trip in the realm of animation.
We need updates!!

p.s - It seems everyone can post in your blog and not just you ;)


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