Monday, July 24, 2006

designer's faithful companion

Ok, so back to design. If I had to recommend just one publication for graphic designers/animators/web designers/illustrators and even film makers, it would be Computer Arts magazine.

It's truly the best in its genre, and filled to the brim with great articles, advanced tutorials, brilliant showcases of up&coming talents & agencies, and full of reviews of the latest and best software/printers/cameras/scanners...etc all tried and tested.

What's even better is that it also publishes a more specific and detailed magazine called Computer Arts Projects, in which every issue deals, in depth, with a specific area of design. This month's issue is on Typography: basics, classics, how create your own, how to properly use them... and in addition with a CD full of fonts, resources, font software & tutorial files. And this winning formula is repeated in every issue to tackle a different subject each time. Next month's issue of Projects is about Brand Identity -be sure not to miss it.

They've been very helpful to me as a designer and also as a teacher and I highly and strongly recommend you getting these mags, any designer should be upto date with the latest in technology, techniques and styles, and these mags provide that. You can subscribe to them through Aramex, and I saw a couple of issues of Projects at Books@Cafe a few days ago.

Also be sure to check their website, which has ready tutorials (of various techniques in various software), alongside great articles not featured in their mags.


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