Thursday, July 20, 2006

I salute you...

"The world's gone mad, my Lemonades"

The point is not who started it, or who did what. It's how far can one side go to prove a point (that is, if there's a real point to prove and it's not just a good excuse to kill a few hundred)... I can just hear them saying "the less of the trouble makers, the better for us".

I can write novels on this, but honestly I'm not going to. Because at the end of all this, there are real people stuck in the middle and I -like so many others- is very concerned and worried. With no internet connections and no proper phone connections, with the borders closed, we've lost communication with many friends (most considered to be as close as family) and it's beyond worrying and seems so unreal. A country that's 4 hours of driving away, yet feels like it's stuck in another time zone: where killing the innocent was as common riding horses.

Now for the title of this post, well I salute CNN, NBC & Sky News (some of the news channels that we can watch here) for taking footage of the incidents from Arabic TV stations, and only showing bits of it - meticulously calculated bits... how convenient that the footage of the limbless, bleeding children has disappeared between the shot of the burnt car and the destroyed building, how sensitive to remove the images of screaming, crying, bleeding and dying individuals and showing shots of random people with no reaction amidst the ruins.

Are people that stupid?? I, who have near to no proper knowledge of propaganda, know that the first rule is to completely remove any material that would make poeple from the "GOOD" side sympathize with the ENEMIES... and they are still using these techniques and people are still falling for them.

"unequal power.
irrationalized and senseless targeting.
killing of the truly innocent.
now really who in their sane mind can be so blind?"


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