Sunday, August 13, 2006

very busy bee bye bye!

Wow, what a 2 weeks we've had!
Haven't had time to scratch my nose! work work work work!
I even decided that I won't be giving one of the two lectures next semester at Uni, just because I can't affor the time!

I'm sure things will settle down soon

{hearing the echoing voice of Mervat: Dina said expect not to have a life for the first year......}

oh well...

Going to London for a week tomorrow, should be fun and relaxing (sorry March Hare for leaving all the Mad Hatters to you), will update blog once back with photos of her Madgesty (guess who!). If anybody needs anything from London, tell me!

ciao Amman and hello London

{blast from the past}


At 8/22/2006 1:31 AM, Blogger (Tealover) said...

And who would've known that there could be a Mr. Tea ! ha ! caught your blogging name and thought ! oh no .. someone else into tea ..

I guess I'll step by every now and then and check more of your blog .. after all we have a tea brotherhood thing going on here ..
cheers :)


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